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How to Fail at Hosting Thanksgiving


Hosting Thanksgiving is such a fun time! And it goes without saying that The Thankful Onion’s favorite holiday is… wait for it… THANKSGIVING!! So how could you possibly fail at hosting such a thankful, loving holiday? It might be easier than you think.…


5 Big Parenting Mistakes and What You Can Do About Them

parent mistakes

So I certainly do not claim to be the greatest parent in the world. Who is!? Most of my great insight comes from learning from mistakes. 😉 But if I can help someone in their journey, I will be so happy. This parenting…


5 Ways to Make It Through a Struggle

lady losing tug of war game and struggling

God’s Word has so many morsels of joy and excitement. Sometimes though, we have to glean through some rough parts to get the that little nugget of joy. Remember John 16:33? Jesus said: I have told you these things, so that in me…


22 Summer Products You Just Can’t Live Without!! – Part 2

A girl making a big bubble

Today I bring you Part 2 of these summer “must-haves”.  I’ve searched the net for cool summer products that will make summer relaxing easier and more enjoyable for you and your family. Check it out and have a blast this summer!! If you…


22 Summer Products You Just Can’t Live Without!! – Part 1

A girl making a big bubble

Summer is here and it’s my first summer off in five long years. I have loved running my summer program at school, but I am really enjoying this time off with my kiddos. We have been swimming, creeking, and getting projects done around…


Frugal Friday – My Anniversary Date

Saturday was 23 years with the hubs… or being married to him anyway. We dated for over 4 before we were married. So, being the party animals that we are ;), we decided to plan a hot date. HD had a basketball tourney all week…


The Real Friendly Fire

What is it about a crackling, flickering fire that just makes you feel warm even before the warmth can reach you? I gotta say… I’m not a big fan of cold. I’m so cold-natured already, so this time of year I just can’t…


But I Trust Him!

My Aunt T has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer. The doctors have done all they can do and have not given her much time. But I serve a great physician! I visited with her for a little while today. This is really…

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