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Easy Fall Decor for Under $20

I finally added some fall decor to the inside of my house. I’m so excited! Last year I was able to decorate outside, but I didn’t quite make it indoors. But the deed is done! When we built our house, I was so…


Free TTO Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving planner and place cards

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. There is so much to plan and so much to do. But it is my favorite holiday! Who would have guessed, right? That the Thankful Onion’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love the FOOD, and…


HUGE Craftsy Sale – Had to give you the heads up right NOW!

I have a post scheduled to come out in the morning…, BUT I had to get this to you as soon as I could. For you Craftsy lovers, this sale is HUGE! For those of you who haven’t tried Craftsy yet, this is…


Big Girl Bedroom – The Bed

bed makeover

It is such a bittersweet moment when your baby makes the switch to a big-girl bed. And we have put this one off for as long as we possibly could. Finally, for Coach’s and my sanity, it couldn’t wait any more. You see,…


What To Do With Your Tomato Overflow

homemade tomato sauce

How were your tomatoes this year? I had an abundant supply. Mostly Roma tomatoes, though. I had some Beefsteak and some Whopper tomatoes also, but they stayed pretty regular and didn’t produce near as quickly as I could eat them. I do love…


10 Great Kitchen Gadgets Your Kitchen Will Love

cool kitchen gadgets

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good kitchen gadget. I know that so many people are going minimalist, and I think that’s great! I’m trying to pare down in my life also. But when it comes to kitchen gadgets, I…


16 Everyday Products You Can Make Instead of Buying

16 products you should be making

I have been accused of being a cheap skate. I’m not going to find myself on any TLC shows or anything, but I can pinch a penny with the best of them. There are so many ways to save money if you take…


How to Make Your Own Homemade Chicken Broth for FREE!!

homemade chicken broth

If you are like me, you use chicken broth for soooo many things. I throw a little chicken broth in most things I cook: rice, soups, casseroles, and anything else I can think of. I was so excited to learn that chicken broth…

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