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Trim Tuesday – It’s a Struggle

I’ll admit I’m struggling. I am starting to lose the battle. I’ve offered encouragement for those that fall into these blah days. But I can’t seem to encourage myself. I want pizza; I want chips; I want chocolate. I started a new workout…


Trim Tuesday – Gwen Answers THM FAQ

Today, I am going to back up and let an expert take the floor. Trim Healthy Mama can seem complicated when your first throw your hat in the ring. But it’s all about separating your fuels. It’s more simple than you think and…


Trim Tuesday – Curbing the Cravings

  Does this look familiar? When you are trying to lose weight or even just eat healthy, does this picture play over and over in your mind? Well, welcome to the club. Even if you aren’t a total sweet eater, something about knowing…

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