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Worshipful Wednesday – Purity

Oklahoma has had a late season snow. We had snow and ice 2 weeks ago and we had another storm Friday night. We were expecting a dusting to 1″. We ended up getting about 3″. Most churches closed Sunday morning and many schools…


Thankful Thursday – Champ and Kodi

I’m so thankful for these two sweet babies. They bring so much joy to our lives. Our family really goes to the extreme with dogs. We love teacup Yorkshire Terriers and German Shepherds. Since Coach and I have been married (23 years), we…


Momma’s Job

Why do our babies have to grow up? I keep asking myself this question. I’ll admit, there are some stages I would love to fast forward through, but, for the most part, I would love my babies to stay small and to just…


A Momma’s Worries

What is it about having a sick baby that makes you question everything you’ve ever done as a parent? I worry, was she sick the last time I had to put her in time-out? Was she sick the last time I got on…


Thankful Thursday – My New and Improved Classroom

  Today I am thankful for my new and improved classroom. Back in October 3 classrooms in my school flooded. One was mine.   Carpet ruined. Walls ruined. Desk ruined. Many books ruined. I even found a whole pad of Post-it notes completely…


Thankfulness for Free!!

Swing over to today to get this Kindle version free. 30 Days to a More Thankful Heart: Choosing Gratitude Over Pessimism in an Imperfect World So, in full disclosure, I have not read this book yet. I just got it! But these…


Thankful Thursday – Left Behind

I am revisiting a series that I absolutely loved. I started the Left Behind series way back when it first came out around 1996 and I was so hooked. I would hurriedly read and reread the books just waiting for the next one…


Thankful Thursday – How Choosing Gratitude Has Changed My Life

I really admire Crystal from She has faced her share of struggles, but remains positive and such an inspiration to others. She has built a huge internet presence from nothing and truly shows her followers every day that she cares about them.…

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