Thieves oil to the rescue!! Who knew that Thieves could draw out a splinter!

splinter oil

At a football game, my poor little MJ was playing on the bleachers. This was an away game and, let’s just say that they aren’t a place that particularly cares about the condition of their visitor bleachers. Lo and behold, up she came with a splinter in her little hand.

splinter removal

Poor baby!

A friend sitting by where she was playing said, “Do you have any Thieves oil?” She had heard that either Tea Tree or Thieves was good for getting out splinters. At home, I did some quick research and found that Lavender and Thieves work well. Since my friend suggested Thieves, I went with that one.

How did it work?

When we got home from the game, MJ was really nervous. She was so certain that getting this splinter out was going to hurt so bad. But I talked her into trying it and told her it was just oil so it wouldn’t hurt. She slowly agreed to try it and away we went.

She opened her hand and I laid it on a towel on the kitchen counter. I dropped 4 drops of Thieves directly on her hand. I set a timer for 5 minutes. At the end of 5 minutes, the end was still a little far down in the skin.

splinter removal

So we added a couple more drops and waited another 5 minutes.

splinter removal

See the tip poking out?

At the end of those 5 minutes, I could easily see the end of the splinter. I did use tweezers, but there was no digging around. I just snagged the tip of the splinter and slid it right out.

splinter removal

Wowza! That is ginormous!

splinter removal

All gone!








There were no tears, no gasps, no pain at all. She actually smiled when I pulled it out and looked up at her. Relief smile I am sure. But I was amazed. And I will definitely remember Thieves for all my splinter needs!

Eden’s Garden has recently changed the name of their 4 Thieves oil to “The Fighting Five”, but the oil is the same.