I am so excited to announce that Eden’s Garden has finally launched their long-awaited line of kids’ essential oils.

kids' essential oils

These 18 new blends were specially formulated by Sylla Sheppard-Hanger and her team of experts and address the most common needs of parents and children. Each has an aroma your little ones will love! Always 100% pure, and never adulterated, these blends are bottled with your little ones in mind.

Do Kids Need Their Own Oils?

Normal essential oil is just fine for kids, as long as it is diluted properly if applying to skin (0.5 – 1%). This line is just geared toward the specific needs of children. They have listened to their customers and developed blends that meet needs that parents consider important and prevalent.

The other perk to these kids’ essential oils is that they are already blended together in the perfect ratios to do the job they are created for. I don’t have to mix them myself. They even come in roller bottles pre-mixed with carrier oils if you choose to purchase them that way. Or you can choose to buy the concentrated oils, like I do. They come in 5 ml, 10 ml, 30 ml, 100 ml, or 250 ml bottles.

Yes, I have placed my order. I couldn’t resist. I am so excited to try these out on MJ. She’s excited too. She’s her momma’s girl. She loves her EOs. Check them out at edensgarden.com.

They also have a blog post about the launch that gives lots of information and describes their gift sets for the line. Check it out here. Eden’s Garden products can also be purchased on Amazon.