Where has fall been? I have been totally amazed at how warm it has been staying her in Oklahoma. For me, September just flips a switch. No matter what the temperature is, I’m ready for pumpkin and spice smells, candy corn with peanuts, bonfires, marshmallows, hayrides, haybales, and corn stalks. Oh, and definitely FOOTBALL! Fall is my favorite time of year.


I have definitely gotten to enjoy the football, although it has been rather warm for sitting in the bleachers. But the weather has made it difficult to enjoy the other things of fall. It’s weird to put fall scents in the diffuser, then step outside and sweat. You can’t light a fire outside to roast marshmallows when they could melt rith on the stick without even lighting on the fire.


I have already mixed two batches of candy corn and peanuts. And I have taken those batches and eaten them at football games. So I have been really pushing it as much as I can.


This week however, this switch has been flipped. We had a rain over the weekend and it brought in a little bit cooler weather with it. We have had highs in the low to mid 70s and life is wonderful.



Some of My Faves

I thought I would share some of my fall favorites with you. Stock up for a great season.


  I have this chimenea and love it. It was a gift from some special people. It is a marshmallow roaster’s dream.


Grab some of these babies to get your mallow on.                                                            


I also love this fall oil mix in my diffuser Sweet Orange, Frankincense, and Cinnamon. I’m also getting ready to try Cinnamon, Clove, and Nutmeg for a nice pumpkin pie scent. I love using these all natural oils to scent my home. Plus I get the benefits of these oils while they are diffusing in our air.

Click on these pictures or links if you want to get them for yourselves. Have fun!

What are your favorite things about fall?