Ok, friends! I am very excited to announce our first ever The Thankful Onion Challenge. The TTO Declutter Challenge is on its way. We will tackle one task at a time and create neat, organized spaces that allow our little brains to hum right along. I don’t know about you, but my brain functions so much better when things around me are neat and tidy. My goal is to help you achieve this tidiness and to add some to my life in the process.


You got clutter? clutter

Yeah, me too. You are not alone. Most of your friends have it, too. But let’s take this step to improving that situation in our lives, homes, and families.

Tell your friends and get them onboard. Accountability is a wonderful thing when we are trying to accomplish things that we have been putting off or dreading, or when the task is mundane or easy to put off even further. Commit to me and to your friends to complete this challenge. We will be choosing 5 areas of your home that need decluttered. You get to pick them for your home and I’ll pick them for mine. I am choosing my closet, my youngest daughter MJ’s room/closet, my kitchen junk drawers, my upstairs game closet, and my garage.

We will not be completing these in 5 days!! Oh my goodness, y’all would all be running away right now! No, we will tackle one area per month. That way you can plan ahead and set aside the time you need, no excuses. We are in this together.

Make sure you plan for weather. I will need to do my garage soon, before it gets too cold outside. My upstairs closet connects to my attic, so it can get pretty cold as well. Make sure you plan for those things ahead of time.

If all of your areas are indoors, then you can plan them in any order you want. Want to start out easy and work toward the harder tasks? Or do you want to get the more difficult areas out of the way? You are in charge. Just make a plan and make it happen. I will be waiting to hear what ideas you come up with.

I will post my progress along the way and give tips and lessons learned as I complete my tasks. Feel free to share your lessons learned as well.

My Plan

Be watching for my first task on September 15th. First, I will tackle my closet. Why? Because it is very sad and has needed help the longest. It’s also a small area, so I can get my feet wet, without diving head first into the pool.

Then, in October, I’ll share MJ’s room overhaul. You will probably be surprised at my plan for her room. But rest assured, it’s a needed change.

Next, in November, I will jump on the garage. It will be cool enough to prevent a sweat storm, but not so cold I want to run for the fire.

Then, in December, the game closet will get its turn. I am really not looking forward to this one. I think this closet has needed a declutter the longest, but it’s upstairs and out of the way, so it’s been easy just to let it go for awhile.

Finally, in January, I will stay warm inside by hitting the kitchen and cleaning out those awful junk drawers. Seriously, why do we need all this stuff, anyway? I know as soon as I throw it away, I will be lost without it. Hopefully I can bring some organization to the party, at least.

Happy decluttering, Onions!! I hope to hear from you and I hope you will be inspired to rise to the Challenge.