New Year’s Resolutions… do you make them? So many people do. I’m not a resolution-er. I’m a New Year’s Baby so that make me immune, right? I’m busy worrying about looking and feeling a year older. I can’t deal with the resolution thing, too. 😉

The fact is, almost half of Americans make resolutions, although only 8% of them feel they are successful at keeping them. This is according to You can find the top 10 resolutions from 2015 here. I have focused on the top five of those and tried to think of ways to keep them.

5. Staying Fit and Healthy

This resolution is so related to the number one resolution that I have combined them later in the post. What’s the number one resolution? You will just have to keep reading to find out! No, wait! Don’t scroll to the end and peek! You didn’t do it, did you? Do you read the last chapter of your book first? Patience, fellow onions.

4. Enjoy Life to the Fullest

The number four resolution, in my opinion, incorporates the number ten resolution from the list. Number ten is to spend more time with family. To me, I need to do that to enjoy life to the fullest. I love my family and I love being outdoors, especially with my family. These items are some things that I found that will encourage spending time with family and enjoying the outdoors, at the same time.
  This hammock would make enjoying the outdoors so much easier. This is on my short list for Mother’s Day. Laying in a hammock with my book and my ice water would be a great way to spend a few days this summer. Or maybe more than a few…
This hammock chair looks fun too if you would rather be a little more vertical. Maybe you need to watch kids or something.  😉

  I got this baby for Christmas!! It is such a pretty chimenea. I am so excited to use it! It is way too cold right now. But I am gonna fire this puppy up the first chance I get. I cannot wait. I’m gonna need some graham crackers, some marshmallows, and some Hershey’s chocolate!
 And some of these. I really need some permanent marshmallow sticks. Hangers just don’t work as well as I remember them working when I was little. They aren’t made as well, or something. Or they are plastic coated…. I just need some of these! 😉 And they work great for hot dogs too!

3. Spend Less & Save More

Spending less is always a worthy and smart goal. Most people want to save as much money as they can and want to find the best deal on everything. I’m in there too. I’m not one of those people who just seem to walk right up and find a deal. Doesn’t that just stink for me? Some people walk in and they throw stuff on sale. I had a friend growing up that it seemed like anytime she walked in a store, the blue light special light started flashing. It was eerie. I really have to search for my deals. I love ad matches and use my share of coupons.

 I did myself the greatest favor ever, though, when I bought this book – The Total Money Makeover. Actually my husband bought it at an airport news stand. He missed his plane because of it too, but it changed our lives and will forever be worth it. Dave is the guru on saving money and getting your booty out of debt. He doesn’t sugar coat it and he doesn’t pull any punches. It’s a straight forward, this is where you screwed up, this is how you fix it kind of process. But it’s so true and such a blessing.
 One of the things that Dave teaches is using cash and he has an envelope system that makes that much easier to do. They are really easy to use with a special envelope system wallet. And it is easy to order replacement envelopes when you use those all up.

2. Get Organized

Getting organized should top everyone’s list. I so envy people I see that are just naturally organized. I try really hard and would say that I am fairly organized, but there is so much room for improvement. Here are some items that will help 2016 be your most organized year yet.

  This toy net would be a great start to organization in the kiddos’ rooms. I have used these before when my older two were little. MJ is five now and is starting to accumulate enough that I’m thinking it may be a good idea again. She has never met a stuffed animal she didn’t love. And her nana has never met one that she couldn’t be talked into buying her. 😉
 This bakeware rack is such a great idea. Piling them one on top of another and digging through them to get to the one you need is no fun. This would store them where you could see what you are looking for and pull the one you need right out.

 How cool is this little storage bin. It has a flap that slides under your mattress and keeps everything you need so handy. There are pockets for books, magazines, your cell phone, tissues, remotes, book lights, lotions…. Ok, obviously I could go on awhile, but I’m just gonna stop there.

 This rack hanging inside your entry door would solve a lot of our “I can’t find my…” (fill-in-lost-item-here) problems. Hang your car keys and put mail in one easy place. We could even hang our extra barn key and tractor keys here. I’m loving it!

 Finally, my broom closet could use a little help. It’s kinda open-the-door-shove-it-in organized right now. I bet you really want to see a pic right now, don’t you. Ummm, no. You don’t. This handy little rack gives your tools a place and they are easy to snap in and out. Great idea!

1. Lose Weight

Here’s that number ONE you were waiting for. You didn’t peek, right?! I’m sure most of you figured it out without having to peek. Losing weight tops so many people’s list, especially at New Year’s. I’m definitely up for a ticket on the weight loss train. Here are some things to help make this goal a reality.

 Weight loss involves exercise. Physical fitness goes hand in hand with losing weight. They come as a package deal. This little set of dumbbells is so handy when you are doing an exercise video, going for a walk, sitting and watching tv. Ha ha. Gotta take it where you can get it, right? I love this set. My five-year old can even lift them and loves putting them back on the rack for me. Can’t beat that!


Asics are my favorite workout shoe. My son had some issues once and had to see a podiatrist. He had had such a quick growth spurt that his tendons and ligaments hadn’t really had time to stretch enough. His podiatrist (who was actually the father of one of his teammates) suggested that he start wearing Asics. He claimed they were so much better for your feet as an athlete. When I ordered him some, I grabbed some for myself. I could not believe how they felt on my feet. I kept telling my family that I felt like I was walking on a cloud. They still laugh about that to this day, but I stand by my claim. They just pillow your feet and keep them from getting tired. I’m a believer!

 This is something I have been looking at a lot lately – the 21 Day Fix. A colleague of mine has used this and she looks amazing. I have been doing the great debate with myself. Is this something I’ll stick with? Will it work for me? Will I HAVE to eat vegetables? The struggle is real friends. I’m still on the fence, but I see some great benefits here, really. And I have heard a lot of good things. I will keep you posted if I decide to try it.

So resolutions are a thing of the New Year. But we all know that goal setting is a good thing. We are so much more likely to achieve if we set goals for ourselves and focus on them. So resolutions can be a HUGE positive, if you let them be. Pick one or two things that are very important to you and FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS! I can’t wait to hear all about your success!! Keep me posted!