This is not a paid post. Opinions expressed are all mine.

My favorite present I’ve ever received… ok, the right thing to say here is “My 3 kids”, right? Those would be three of my favorite gifts. But if we’re talking presents, then,woo hoo! This is it:


I LOVE my Kitchen Aid mixer. My mil had one and I would get to use it when we would go up there for a visit. It just made life so easy. I loved it. Apparently I did some talking about how much I loved it, because three Christmases ago, I got not A Kitchen Aid mixer, but TWO Kitchen Aid mixers. 🙂

We went to my parents house and the biggest box ever was under the tree with my name on it. I didn’t really think much of it. I should have, because I had some clues along the way. I just never fathomed I would get one. They are pretty high-dollar. I was so shocked when I opened it and saw a beautiful RED Kitchen Aid mixer. SCORE!!!

A few days later, we traveled to my in laws’ house on Table Rock Lake. It is so much fun to go there and just look out and enjoy God’s creation. It’s even beautiful in the winter. Imagine my surprise, when I saw a box under their tree that was a very similar size. I still didn’t even fathom the idea, but sure enough… When it came time to open presents, I got to open my second RED Kitchen Aid mixer. Yes, it was a very blessed Christmas that year.

Obviously, I didn’t keep both mixers. They were nearly identical, except that one had the splash guard. I kept the one with the guard, although, in all honesty, I never use it. With the money I got back from returning the other, I was able to decorate a bathroom in my newly built home and buy a bunch of frames for a nice gallery wall in my living room. This gift just keeps on giving.

I have used my mixer, so much. I have made bread, pizza  and calzone dough, poptart dough, muffins, cookies, cakes, icing, whipped cream, and more. It is so versatile and I absolutely love it. I know it is going to continue to bless me for years and years to come.

What is your favorite gift? Have you ever given someone their favorite gift?