Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I absolutely love this day of the year. I kinda love food and Thanksgiving food is the absolute best there is! (Well, and enchiladas.) The only drawback to the holiday is how much work the cooking/serving can be. I’m hoping that I can make that day a little more simple for you AND give you more time to spend with family and friends. Happy cooking. And happy family time spending. (That’s right, I made it up. That’s how I roll.)Thanksgiving

Ultra Fast & Accurate, High-Performing Digital Food/Meat Thermometer

  We all know how important it is to make sure the turkey is DONE! This little gadget takes the guesswork out and takes no time at all. Just insert deep into the breast of the turkey and get the temperature. This is a great tool to have in your kitchen all year. Chicken, roast, pork, and even steak need to be cooked to a safe temperature to avoid illness. I may be putting one of these on my Christmas list.

ORGANIC Bamboo Wood Cutting Board with Groove – Extra Large Serving Tray 18×12

This cutting board is touted as the #1 Organic bamboo wood cutting board. I love that it is reversible. Use the cutting board side to prep your veggies for dinner, then flip it over to use as a serving platter. The cutting side has a groove around the edge to prevent messy juices and stray pieces from making a mess.

Silicone Cooking Utensils for Kitchen

This set of 6 premium non-stick silicone cooking utensils are all you need for cooking your holiday dinner. Silicone utensils are great. They don’t get hot and won’t burn up in the dishwasher. Gotta love that! And if you bought this set from Amazon, you’d get a bonus recipe e-book with over 99 Thanksgiving recipes.

Set of 4 Premium Silicone Trivets, Pot Holders, Spoon Rest, Jar Opener, Bowl Cover, Coaster

So what to do with all those hot dishes? I know, at my house, I have so many hot pans. And then all my family comes over with more hot pans. What in the world do you do with them all? I’m usually raiding the kitchen towel drawer, once I run out of pot holders and hot pads. This set of 4 silicone trivets would do the trick. Plus, they also work as pot holders, spoon rests, jar openers, bowl covers, and coasters. Here is that silicone again. And this set comes with a recipe e-book as well. What a deal!

Silicone Roast and Turkey Lifter

Ok, this thing is BOSS! Have you ever tried to move your turkey to a serving platter and it slipped off your forks? 5 second rule? Not that I know this from experience or anything… This little dude just wraps right around that juicy turkey and goes into the oven with it. Then, after Tom is all brown and toasty and you pull the pan from the oven, you just lift him off the rack and onto your platter. Sigh…

72 ct Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcake or Appetizer Picks

If you serve appetizers or cupcakes, these little picks are so cute. I’m sure you can even think of more things to stick ’em in. Mr. Turkey adorning the hors d’ oerve tray. He’ll be a sure hit.

 Kitchen Herb Scissors, Shears

These little herb scissors make quick work of cutting your herbs. They have five (yes, I said 5) blades and cut into small pieces several at a time. This is an easy way to chop your fresh herbs for that fabulous dressing recipe. (Mmmm, I just thought of my mother-in-love’s homemade dressing. How many days until Thanksgiving?!) Bonus Alert: These choppers come with a second pair of small scissors AND a free e-book.

Thanksgiving Apron Turkey Face Gobble Funny Kitchen Apron Cooking Baking Two Pocket Apron Black

This guy speaks for himself! Is he adorable or what! I love him!

 Original Bear Paws Turkey Lifter – Meat Handler Forks

Ok, so these turkey forks won’t be landing Tom on the floor anytime soon. He will arrive on your platter safe and sound, and delicious! They are the Original Bear Paws Turkey Lifter and they really do remind me of bear paws. Thankfully it’s just the paws. The teeth would be a whole different story.

Vesture Hot Pack-Replacement Microcore Pac for Casserole Carriers

If you are dining at the home of friends or family, this little hot pack will save your dish. Hot and ready can quickly turn to cold and blah with even a short road trip. This microwavable pack just rides right under your dish in a carrier and keeps whatever you’re offering hot and delicious.

LEGO Seasonal Thanksgiving Feast

This is a bonus item. # 11. I just couldn’t resist throwing it in. It is not going to cook or create a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, but it will help. Remember those short people that live in your house and always need things. It is awfully difficult to accomplish all that needs to be done and take care of those little blessings. Lego to the rescue! Here is an adorable Thanksgiving scene for them to create. Just set them up at a table or flat surface and get your cook on. This will surely give you 8 or 9 free minutes to get some things done. 😉


Thanksgiving is almost upon us. I hope some of these tools will help simplify your day and give you time to enjoy with your family and others you love. If you see something you love, just click on the picture to get one of your own. Happy Thanksgiving friends!