So last week you got to see the fun transformation of my son’s old captain’s bed for MJ’s big-girl room. I looked all over the world wide web and found that red and aqua are not a very easily found combination. Oh, well! I got this!quilt collage

It has been a long time since I made a quilt, but this seemed like the only answer. I hit JoAnn’s and had so much fun picking through their fat quarters. I found a bunch of aquas and reds and even some prints with both. I also found this rose print with an aqua background at Joann’s or Hobby Lobby. I can’t remember. I found a few patterns at each store. JoAnn’s fat quarters section is so cool. It’s like walking through a rainbow.

I cut 4 1/2 inch and 9 inch squares and started piecing them together. I put the 4″ ones together with a white stripe in the middle and then combined two of these with another stripe to make my patchwork squares and then alternated them with the large squares. red and aqua quilt


My puppies even had to get in on the action helping with the big-girl room.  red and aqua quilt and yorkies

They are excellent quilters, in case you were wondering.

The difficult part was the quilting. I studied and studied free motion quilting and then realized I didn’t have the right presser foot to do that. I found one very easily on It was a great price too. While I waited for that to come in, I decided for this pattern, straight quilting would look better anyway. I sewed straight lines through all my white stripes and BOOM goes the dynamite! That puppy was done! MJ LOVED it!! And it looks great on her bed.bed makeover

This bed makeover has turned out even better than I thought. With these drawers and a simple plastic drawer organizer in her closet, I was able to get rid of the beat up laminate chest of drawers she had taking up space in her room. I’m so glad to be rid of that stupid thing.

MJ is so happy with her new room. She sleeps in her bed and lets Momma and Daddy have their bed to themselves most nights. If you haven’t read about the makeover of the actual bed, check it out here.

bed makeover

The pups love basking in their handiwork. It’s especially fun to wallow in right after a bath. 🙂

Have you remade some furniture for your house? Tell me about your successes!