How were your tomatoes this year? I had an abundant supply. Mostly Roma tomatoes, though. I had some Beefsteak and some Whopper tomatoes also, but they stayed pretty regular and didn’t produce near as quickly as I could eat them. I do love some beefy tomatoes. My Roma bush, however, kept me so busy. And MJ too. She loved sneaking out and bringing me in a big mixing bowl full.Roma tomatoes

As I said, I love tomatoes. But Roma tomatoes are not my favorite homegrown variety. (They are my go-to when I have to buy from the store though.) We ate several – MJ can pack them away almost as fast as her momma. I diced up quite a few for taco salads and enchiladas. They were also easy to slice and take for lunch. But even with all that, I had them coming in so fast that I couldn’t use them all before they would spoil. What to do? Yep – SAUCE!!!

It is so easy to make homemade tomato sauce. It just takes a few simple steps. The first thing that you have to do fill a stock pot about halfway full and put it on the stove to boil. While you are waiting, score each tomato. I take a very sharp knife and lightly cut an x on two opposite sides. This will allow you to be able to pull the skin off easily in a little bit.

Roma tomatoesGet your water to a rolling boil.

boiling water

Pretty water picture. 😉

Next you will blanch your tomatoes. According to the Penn State Extension, blanching stops the action of enzymes. These naturally occur in vegetables helping them grow and ripen. The enzymes continue to act after harvest and will cause color, flavor, texture, and nutrient losses. Freezing slows down the action of enzymes – but does not stop them. Blanching will stop the enzymes and will also bring out the color in your vegetables. It is not completely necessary to blanch tomatoes, however, it makes it easier to skin them and they puree more smoothly.

Once your water is boiling, put a few tomatoes in at a time. Don’t put too many, because you will need to get them out quickly. Let them boil for 2 minutes. Set a timer, as this timing is crucial. When the timer goes off, quickly remove the tomatoes from the boiling water with a large slotted spoon or skimmer and set aside to cool. Place a few more tomatoes in the water and repeat until all tomatoes are done.                                                                                blanching tomatoes blanching tomatoes

blanching tomatoes blanched tomatoes


Once the tomatoes are blanched, you can quickly and easily  cut out the stems and peel the skins off. This is so fun and messy and absolutely disgusting. 😉 You can see I put the scraps right into a plastic bag for easy disposal. Don’t plan on taking any calls or texts while doing this. You WILL need to be hosed down head to toe once this step is complete.                                         tomato skins and stems tomato skins and stems

After all the tomatoes are skinned, your food processor is your best friend. Put as many as you can into the bowl and puree, puree, puree. I’m trying to make that into a song, but I just can’t think of one. But it’s catchy.

puree tomatoes pureed tomatoes

I prepare my baggie ahead of time; it’s pretty hard to write on with the sauce in it. 😉 I also use a pitcher or something to hold up my bag for easy pouring. I’ve seen these cool little baggie holders and love them, but I haven’t bought any yet. My pitcher is a little big though and I’m always afraid I’m going to rip the bag.

ready bag ready bag

At last you have your finished product. Here is my sauce, all red and beautiful.homemade tomato sauce

There is nothing like fresh, homemade tomato sauce for great flavored dishes. I like to use it in chilis, soups, and this crockpost marinara recipe is SO YUMMY! I use it in place of the crushed tomatoes and whip it up in my pretty RED crock pot!

Have you made your own tomato sauce? What are your favorite ways to use it?