I finally got to decorate my front porch for FALL!! This is our 3rd fall in our house, but the first one where I didn’t have so many to-dos that were priority. I’m so excited about this!! I had a great inspiration! A friend at work has been making these  for her flea market booth and I fell in LOVE! Thanks Heather!!! 😉decorating for fallBack off, ladies! This one’s mine! I call him Poncho. He was my inspiration and I planned the rest of the scene around him. My inspiration piece was ingredient #1.

Ingredient #2… how can you do a fall decoration scene without a hay bale? And if you’re gonna use one, then why not three? In my neck of the country, the bales are big and round. I’ve seen them set out and painted like a jack-o-lantern. So adorable. Unfortunately these bales, being taller than me, were not gonna make it onto my porch. And after all, I already had my inspiration. Step aside Jack…

Thankfully, one of my teacher friends had just gotten her barn stocked and she was able to spare a few. Now, when I went to pick these bales up, I may or may not have gotten stopped by a train. And this train may or may not have decided to stop and set up camp right in front of me… a train that has been known to camp for indefinite periods of time. Using my expert country girl skills, I decided to turn around and go over a mile section or two to go around. I mean, my destination was literally about 20 yards behind that track, but I couldn’t get there. So, in the dark of night in the country, I may or may not have gotten a little lost and came out in a completely different place than I was expecting, so ending up having to take the long way around to get there anyway, finding the train… gone. This is all hypothetical, of course.decorating for fall#3… Pumpkins are an essential element for any fall scene. Whether you carve them out and call them Jack, or you use them in their natural form, pumpkins add so much welcome and warmth to your fall landscape. I bought some pumpkins especially for this project, and decided to leave them in their natural state. MJ had gone on a field trip to a pumpkin patch and had picked one just her size. She went to Nana and Papa’s after and got to paint a face on it and add an adorable bow. She was so excited to add her creation to our display. I think she makes it awesome. And I’m pretty sure Poncho likes her too! 😉

decorating for fall decorating for fall


Fall arrangements also need flowers. Pumpkins are pretty, but they are in the same color spectrum as the hay, or close anyway. You need flowers to pretty everything up and add contrast. Fall flowers make me smile, so I was really excited to get to this part. I ran to an area nursery to see what I could find.

Ingredient #4 is your colorful fall mum. Coach and I use to run his family’s greenhouse. I remember the rows and rows of mums we would set out and water. It was such a beautiful sea spanning across a large cement area we lovingly called “the back slab.” Sounds super loving, right? (This is not to be confused with “back stab”, because beautiful fall mums would never do that.) I chose a yellow, a red, and a purple. The nursery also had this beautiful yellow-orange with red edges and veining that I loved. To my disappointment, they were only in the huge pots and I needed smaller ones. I am very happy with the ones I got.decorating for fall

Our final ingredient, #5, is a flat of pansies. I love pansies. They look so happy and their bright colors make me feel like they are laughing. Who doesn’t want laughing flowers planted right outside their door? You do, don’t you? I thought so. Me too! I planted the flat of them in the dirt, right in front of my porch. So they add to the color and beauty of our scene. I will be so excited when they perk back up and start filling out. It will put the topper on our beautiful cake. Yum. Now I want cake… squirrel. 😉decorating for fall

While we are talking about flowers, let me take a second to beg, plead, and grovel to you to support your local nurseries. The big box/department/home improvement/hardware… (Wow! Who isn’t selling flowers now?) stores are stepping on some toes, here. Coach’s family nursery began way back in the late 50s, and we kept it in the family for years. Coach and I were the third generation to own/operate it. It was such a blessing to us during that season of our lives. But the big guns made it harder and harder to make a living this way, so finally we had to let it go to someone outside the family. We knew that God’s plan was fulfilled when we took it over, and His plan was again fulfilled when he led us away from it. Although it was a hard decision at the time, we are blessed in our lives right now working with our kiddos, and know it was the right thing to do. But please, buy your flowers from the people who make it their life’s work. They know their stuff and loving what they do helps them to give you the best product around.

Fall makes decorating so easy. The colors produce themselves and work so well together. I had so much fun creating this display and love driving home to see it each day. Now I just need to get some spotlights on it so I can love driving home to see it at night.fall decorations

What are your plans for fall decorating?