We had a wonderful week in KidzFest last week. Kids are so fun and they have such a hunger for our Savior.

I had such great helpers!!

KidzFest helpers

The first night we had so much fun playing on the blow-ups and playing games.

kids on blow up climbing wall

kids on blow up slide

VBS leader is worn out


Playing battleship Peanut butter sandwich race
















Praise and worship is so exciting and fun to watch.

KidzFest worship time KidzFest worship time







The kids got to have a fun snack midway through. Man, these guys can put away some groceries. And they love to ham it up for the camera!!

KidzFest snack time KidzFest snack time









We had a stellar puppet crew and fun visits from Sloppy Sally. She heard the Holy Ghost was found at our church and came in her Ghostbusters gear. Poor, misguided Sally.

KidzFest puppet crew Sloppy Sally









And in the end, 43 children gave their heart to our precious Lord Jesus!! If that doesn’t make the hard work and being worn out worth it, I dunno what could!! Praise the Lord!!

Children praying