I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good kitchen gadget. I know that so many people are going minimalist, and I think that’s great! I’m trying to pare down in my life also. But when it comes to kitchen gadgets, I lean more towards the hoarder side… and I’m ok with that. I want my job to be easier and better in the kitchen. I love food. I love to cook food, but the easier I can make all that happen… the better. Kitchen gadgets are amazing at helping me in that department; so I gathered a few to share the love!


 I love ONIONS (obviously) and garlic in my cooking! What I don’t love… the smell left on my hands forever and ever and ever. I mean, Dawn gets everything out of anything, but I can scrub after dicing or slicing onions and garlic and it does nothing. The smell just has to wear away. And by then, I’m dicing or slicing again. Imagine just rubbing your hands with this Rub-Away bar and the smell magically disappears. I’m in!!


This little gadget looks awesome! Use it to make veggies fun for kiddos. Or use to make spaghetti noodles out of vegetables like zucchini or squash.  This little piece of cool kitchen gear is simple to use and does the job very quickly.


This chopper is such a convenient gadget to have on hand. I have one very similar that I use to chop the harder vegetables at my house. With our affinity toward Mexican food, my familia goes through vats of chopped lettuce. This little guy makes that take about 30 seconds max. I love it! This one has a flat blade (mine doesn’t) so it’s also easy to scrape into a serving dish after and easy cleanup.

Make a lot of cupcakes or muffins? Or even pancakes? This is a must for your kitchen arsenal. This batter dispenser “dispenses” 🙂 just the right amount into your muffin pan or onto the griddle. You get perfectly sized creations every time. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

 I have seen this gadget in stores before and wasn’t sure how much I believed that it would work. I certainly could have used one when I was preggo with MJ. For some reason fresh pineapple was my biggest craving with her. (With the other two it was caramel apple suckers and Oreos. Bahaha. Healthy living is a journey. 🙂 ) One I was visiting with a fellow teacher working with me in our summer program and he was talking about eating fresh pineapple. When I told him how much I loved fresh pineapple, he told me I HAD to get one of these. He didn’t really know if it would work well either, but it was inexpensive enough he decided to give it a try and he said it was one of the best things he ever bought.

These I love!! I love baking cookies. And, before you ask, no, these are not just for cookies. But that’s what I use them for the most. My baking pans are not the best in the world, and I have several different kinds. They don’t all bake the same. But I toss one of these bad boys on them and they all cook the same. And clean up just got sooooo much easier. It takes NO time. Wipe off the mat (with soapy water if needed) and put the pan back in the cabinet. (Or back in the warming drawer of your oven, if you’re like me. Only if it is turned off though. 🙂 )

 Ha ha ha ha. I laugh when I look at this thing. I remember the first time I saw these. A strawberry huller? Really? I couldn’t imagine who in the world would buy this. And how lazy can a person be? You just cut out the stem. How hard is that? Well apparently it’s VERY difficult… enter teenage daughter. MK loves strawberries. And strawberries are healthy, so why in the world would I ever discourage her eating them? BECAUSE SHE IS SO WASTEFUL WITH THEM! Oh my goodness! It breaks my heart to open the trash cabinet and see halves of beautiful, red, juicy strawberries in my trash can. There is still so much beautiful, red goodness on those pieces of carelessly discarded treasure. I cry a little… I hunted this thing down. This family MUST own one.

Imagine me wanting to share another ONION product! Bahaha… These are the coolest! I use half of an onion all the time. Then I have to use a baggie to put the rest in. I have to find the right sized baggie, because I don’t want to be wasteful. I might even use the rest of the onion the next night and used a disposable bag for just that short period of time. These silicone lids save all that waste. They are super stretchy and expand to fit what you need them to fit. I used onions for an example, but these work on so many things: onions, peppers, melons, and other fruits and veggies. You could also use them over the top of a container with a missing lid. So many uses for this!

We all could use a little cut-back in our oils and fats consumption. This little spray bottle helps us do that, but still be able to cook the things we need without them sticking to our pans. You can buy spray oil products, but this gadget saves us money buy stretching a concentrated oil so much further. I think of it like this foam soap frugal tip that I gave you last week. Just put a little oil in and see how much further it stretches when used in a fine mist. Healthy and so much easier on your pocket book.

A mandolin… does anyone know where that name came from? It sounds so pretty and girlie. But this machine is anything but girlie. Use it to slice, dice, grate, chop, shred… It does so many things. And it does it so much more quickly than this girl can do without it. My favorite thing about a mandolin… finger protection. I worry the whole time I’m cutting about my fingers, my knuckles, and my fingernails. I don’t like to waste food by not cutting all the way down (even though that leaves great scraps for my broth bag), but I also like having all my digits attached. Clean up is easy too: I just rinse with hot soapy water and air dry.

I hope you find some of these helpful. I love the ones I have. And the rest, I’m ready to try. Excuse me while I run and make a Christmas list… I don’t wanna wait that long though. Excuse me while I run make a 4th of July list. We get presents for that, right?