I’ll admit I’m struggling. I am starting to lose the battle. I’ve offered encouragement for those that fall into these blah days. But I can’t seem to encourage myself. I want pizza; I want chips; I want chocolate.

I started a new workout this week. I don’t know if that is what is making me crave or if it’s just a slump. I’m tired of having to plan everything out. Sometimes I look at my menu and think, “But I don’t wanna eat that right now.” (Did y’all hear the whine in my voice right there? It was a little much, but whadya gonna do?) I’m totally in a slump. It’s a struggle.

My family is not being the most supportive. They are not fond of all the “experiments” I’ve been subjecting them to. Coach is tired of spending money on the “weird” ingredients that might get used once and never be cracked open again. It’s kind of been a little bit of a joke. “Oh, here’s another one of mom’s THM deals.” And “Don’t say you need to lose a little weight. Mom’ll jump in with her THM stuff.” It’s ok. Mom’s way isn’t always the most popular way. I can live with that. But it’s a struggle.

I know that I’ll get out of my slump. The struggle will end. It’s not fun. It’s a little depressing. But it’ll pass. With prayer and perseverance, it’ll get better.  Chin up, Mama!!   😉