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Howdy y’all. It is that time again. The most wonderful time of the year! Thanksgiving! And I have a new, redesigned Thanksgiving planner just for you, my onions. I’m excited for you to see this year’s planner. I have already started using mine.…


How to Fail at Hosting Thanksgiving


Hosting Thanksgiving is such a fun time! And it goes without saying that The Thankful Onion’s favorite holiday is… wait for it… THANKSGIVING!! So how could you possibly fail at hosting such a thankful, loving holiday? It might be easier than you think.…


TTO Declutter Challenge – Day 2

messy room

So onions, here we are with Day 2 of the declutter challenge. This is one that I warned you about. I told you I wasn’t going to hold back on these pictures. Don’t judge me for my child’s clutter. She may or may…


TTO’s Top 20 Favorite Kitchen Hacks

kitchen hacks

There are so many things in the kitchen that we tend to make harder than they need to be. I don’t think we try to make things hard. We just haven’t taken the time to learn a better way, or don’t realize that…


Being the Woman of Samaria

The Woman of Samaria, also known as The Woman at the Well… What does scripture tell us about her? Not much. We don’t even get to know her name. But we should all strive to be like her. What?!  Strive to be like…


It Finally Feels Like Fall

Where has fall been? I have been totally amazed at how warm it has been staying her in Oklahoma. For me, September just flips a switch. No matter what the temperature is, I’m ready for pumpkin and spice smells, candy corn with peanuts,…


The TTO Mom’s Guide to an Effortless Morning

How was your morning today? How many times did you say, “Put your shirt on”? Or “Brush your teeth. We need to be in the car?” Forty-leven times? Yeah, that sounds familiar. Just call me the morning NAG around our place. But that…

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